Exalted Calendar

The World of Exalted has its own well-defined calendar. A year lasts 425 days and is made up of 15 months (and a particularly inauspicious time called Calibration). Each month is 28 days in length, beginning on the new moon. The Full Moon occurs on the 15th of the month.

The months are named for the five elements (in order: Air, Water, Earth, Wood, Fire). Each element progresses from Ascending, to Resplendent, to Descending.

The hottest month of the year is Descending Fire with the hottest day around the beginning of the month. The coldest month of the year is Ascending Water, with the coldest day generally occurring around the end of the month.

Spring lasts from Descending Water to Resplendent Earth. The growing season lasts from Descending Earth to Resplendent Wood. Summer is Descending Wood to Resplendent Fire. Autumn lasts from Descending Fire to Resplendent Air (including Calibration). Winter lasts from Descending Air to Resplendent Water.

At the end of the year (between Descending Fire and Ascending Air) is a 5-day period known as Calibration. The worlds are closest during this time and it’s considered particularly unlucky to start any new venture during this period. During Calibration, the night sky is empty, devoid of moon or stars.

Depending on where one is located, the days can be named in different ways. In the Realm, and areas heavily under the Realm’s influence, the days of the week are: Sun Day, Moon Day, Fire Day, Water Day, Wood Day, Air Day, and Earth Day. In the Scavenger Lands and areas of Creation outside of the Realm’s influence, the days are known as Sun Day, Moon Day, Mars Day, Mercury Day, Jupiter Day, Venus Day, and Saturn Day.

Years are numbered from RY (Realm Year) 1, when the Great Contagion ended and the Scarlet Empress established the Realm. The Series begins in RY 768.

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Exalted Calendar

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