The Fate of Four Kingdoms

Session 1-2: The Home of the Illuminated

Welcome Home

After their adventure clearing the docks of lizards1, Resplendent Ray made the decision to clean up as the others returned to their booze. He found himself the butt of the others’ jokes when he returned, being a weirdo who didn’t like being covered in lizard blood does that.

As Imogene Aelius took a belt from her umpteenth glass of whatever the strongest alcohol was available in the tavern2, she saw a note etched in the bottom. In her native Seatongue, it read, “Meet me in the Home of the Illuminated.”

One by one, the rest of the group saw the same message in their own native tongues. It wasn’t a big leap of logic to figure that the note referred to the Cult of the Illuminated. Imogene, ever proper, recalled an incident not long after her exaltation when she was approached by “one of those stupid fucks.”

Ray was all for checking out the place, but the others weren’t so sure. Or they didn’t want to follow Ray.

As the debate grew more heated, Imogene pulled off Ray’s do-rag, exposing his caste mark. Luckily for Ray and Jaxx, Imogene and Brunhildr weren’t in a position to go running to the Wyld Hunt.

The debate continued, but eventually the group were convinced to investigate. Someone had gone to the trouble of inviting them, after all.

Night had fallen by the time they reached the Home of the Undying Illuminated, and they were immediately welcomed in and told to wait in a sitting room. Other than the entrance, there were two doors from this room. Jaxx soon discovered that they led to each other.

As they debated what this could mean, an old man entered through one of the doors, introducing himself as Septimus.

1 See last session. -D

2 Yes, there are glasses. This is no way unusual. Move along.



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