The Fate of Four Kingdoms

Session 1-3: Septimus

Destiny or Somesuch

After waiting for who-knows-how-long1, Imogene Aelius, Resplendent Ray, Jaxx, and Brunhildr found themselves face-to-face with an old man rocking the most epic snow-white beard any of them had ever seen2. He introduced himself as Septimus, and told the assembled exalts that he had been waiting for them.

The old man spoke in circles about wanting to help the group achieve their destiny, stating that the only price his aid commanded was atonement, which he would achieve by helping the group achieve their destiny. This destiny, he told them, could bring down the Realm. Everyone perked up after he said that.

As the group and Septimus spoke, at length, about what this could mean, Imogene passed out cold. With this, Septimus invited them to stay as his guests in the Home of the Undying Illuminated, and two of his devotees showed them to a room with four beds (through one of the doors that previously led back into the room).

While Hildr, Jaxx, and Imogene (once she was revived) ate a remarkably good yeddim stew, Ray leaves the room to attempt to find Septimus for some one-on-one time. He doesn’t.

Drowsy from the meal, the group chose beds and set to sleeping. Not trusting the Cult of the Illuminated (considering the word “cult” is in their name, that’s not necessarily too paranoid), Hildr took first watch. She was followed by Ray, who couldn’t keep his eyes open.

As the dawn sun woke the four from their slumber, two things happened. First, Imogene bloodied Ray’s nose for falling asleep on his watch. Second, Jaxx found a map of Garucia at her feet, with a location about two days’ ride from Twin Forks noted upon it.

After a morning spent gathering provisions (and horses), the group set off toward their destiny.

1 Maybe 15 minutes, see Last Session

2 Seriously, it was like 4 feet long.



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